Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pace of Technology

This morning I arrived at the 2009 South Carolina Educational Technology Conference in Myrtle Beach armed with my usual array of techno toys. Last year I lugged around a heavy laptop which cut into my shoulder by the end of a busy day. After that experience I vowed to get a netbook computer which I did after the first of the year.

Not long after getting my netbook I got my BlackBerry. Today, the only reason I am carrying my netbook around is because I need it for a presentation on Internet Safety for Teachers. I use my BlackBerry for everything else. From e-mails with my school to Twitter and Facebook apps to stay in touch with friends here. During the keynote today I was using a BlackBerry Evernote app to take notes. I am even writting this blog post using my BlackBerry via CellSpin.

The point is that when I made my netbook vow, I could not imagine it would be quickly replaced by a device that fits in the palm of my hand. Who knows what I will be using next year? Maybe a BlackBerry app that will run a presentation. The year after? The phone might have the projector.


Shirley Smith said...

I have the Same experience with my iPhone--which you can project from! (See Tony Vincent's site.) Since my email is synced with Google, I have access to maps, internet, and of course Twitter, I no longer need to carry a laptop around. Great post! Hope you are enjoying EdTech!

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