Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Busy Short Week

It was a very short but packed week. Monday, I had the pleasure of working with a education professor from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas about video podcasts. We also talked about some other technology challenges for teachers. Tuesday, I did a Tech Tuesday on creating movies with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. Everyone who participated had a great time. Finally, a group of science teachers wanted their students to explore websites on sound and light. Despite claims to the contrary, a test of the sites was done and they worked. What did not work was the URL to a website that led to the other sites. I had recommended the teachers put together a wiki linking the sites, providing student instructions when they got to the sites, and assessment questions. This fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, myself and tech savvy teacher got together to create a wiki with the desired links. It worked perfectly and now these science teachers are believers.

Sorry I look like I am yawning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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le_lapin said...

Hi there,
I've watched this video and would like to let you know, besides that we apparently share a common interest in wikis and their application in education among other things, that it would have been better if you could have avoided the noise/music in the background.
Also, since you mentioned using Windows Movie Maker (which I also utilize periodically) why not punctuating your video with screens displaying url, notes, bullet points you speak about. IMHO it would help viewers remember your infos and it would give a more solid structure to your speech.