Friday, November 02, 2007

Teacher Bytes Episode 15

This is the first attempt at video blogging. The Flip Video camcorder was used to create this posting. I have also used this camcorder to record some video around school with success. I will post more about the Flip in a later blog post. I also discuss how video did liven a class up I was working with today.


Fran said...

John - The video quality for the flip video is amazing! I can see how teachers can easily engage students in learning by filming and posting their work for the school to see.

The audio had some feedback; do you think it was due to wonderful acoustics of cement blocks?


John Woodring said...

Thanks Fran. About the audio quality, it could have been the blocks but I was in a large computer lab at school too. Maybe the audio will get better when I shoot in other locations.

Cathy Nelson said...

Now i want this camera. Thanks for sharing insights about it!